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Edwardsville NAACP

President's Message

The year, 2014, was filled with new challenges. The streets in America and around the world echoed and pulsated with protest. There was an outcry form the people in the flavor of the sixties, calling for civil justice and accountability from police departments across the country. For many citizens these cries were not satisfactorily answered. Failure to justly satisfy the earnest cries of a people can create a climate of distrust that fractures communities and countries.

Although this is my first tenure as president, my administrative team and I are not strangers to this struggle. I have been a member and officer in the N.A.A.C.P. for over 10 years. We are not unfamiliar with adversity and discrimination. We believe that an informed citizen is a strong citizen and is a citizen who is likely to support good government.

We will strive to ensure that justice and diversity are achieved in the governance of our community. In order for this to occur, we ask for your continued support through membership in our organization, by your participation in our programs, and an overall willingness to serve with us.

We will continue programs that are serving our community (voter registration, Freedom Fund Banquet, ACT Prep Classes, Education Grants, December Membership Tea, and political forums) and our collaboration with elected officials, Edwardsville District 7, and law enforcement agencies.

This year, 2015, we will be extending or hands to partner more closely with other organizations (Lincoln Alumni Foundation, Sororities, Fraternities, the Madison County Urban League, SIUE, local N.A.A.C.P. Chapters, and others). Our successes will be greatly enhanced if you will put your voice in the room and your efforts beside ours. Join us!